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The Origin Comes Alive

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The reason for this site is to call your attention to the book The Origin Comes Alive by Cale Rainer. Its purpose is to discuss issues and convey new ideas surrounding Spiritual, Religious, and Family matters that are directly  associated this this subject.

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If you are a parent or child: http://www.getdeity.theorigincomesalive.com is a fun Portal to the Main area  http://www.theorigincomesalive.com where you are now. Our Book Comments area is on our blog page http://www.blog.theorigincomesalive.com

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www.biblicalarchaeology.org   Learn about ancient biblical activities and writings through archaeological discoveries.

https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov  Here you'll find information on the basic structure that defines the anatomy of all creatures on Earth.

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No, it's not the deity of the Christ or Krishna, but the deity of each one of us that makes life worth living. The real truth of life is connecting with our origin. Wouldn't it be nice to do this just like our children.

The Origin Comes Alive
by Cale Rainer

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